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Liskennett Farm

Liskennett Farm for children and adults with Autism


Liskennett Equine Therapy Centre will, on a phased basis, start reopening its “Open Saturday” programme from this Saturday, 5th February. The Open Saturday Program is financed by the HSE under the Alternative Respite Initiative and delivered by St Joseph’s Foundation Staff and Volunteers. It is designed as “Horseboy” hub to enable children and adults on the autistic spectrum or those with learning disabilities to Meet, Learn, Play and Express themselves in a stress free non-judgemental environment which may or may not include horse riding. It is also a place for their families to meet other families in a relaxed atmosphere.  

Phase 1 Reopening - Saturday 5th and Saturday 12th February 

The reopening of:   

  • The Playground and Play Room 
  • Stable Area 
  • Kitchen 
  • Walkways 
  • Indoor and Outdoor Sand arenas 
  • Horse riding on the 5th and 12th February is for Service Users only.   

Pre-booking is no longer required. A numbering ticket system for horse riding will be in operation on the day (“first come – first served “Basis). Sessions will be 20-25 minutes in duration. Horse Riding sessions will commence at 9.30am to 1:30pm. and again at 2pm to 3.30pm*. (Lunch for Staff and Volunteers 1:30 – 2pm).

*3:30pm will be the last session of the day

Phase 2 Reopening-  Saturday 19th February  
Resuming of:    

  • Horse Riding for service users and immediate family members  

We would like to remind you that Covid 19 is still around so please continue to follow Public Health Guidelines. 

Equine Therapy for children and their families

Liskennett Farm is a development by St. Joseph’s Foundation for children and adults with Autism. It was officially opened in September 2015. It incorporates therapeutic day and residential services for adults and a “Horse Boy” Equine Therapy Centre for both children, over the age of 4 years and adults.

The day service provides a service to 24 service users. The residential service is home to 14 residents, this will be increased to 16 subject to HIQA approval of two new apartments.

The “Horse Boy” Equine Therapy Centre operates as a New Direction Hub to, adult service users and also provides Equine Therapy for children and their families.

New Bookings

We are currenlty reviewing our weekly booking system. If you have any enquiries about weekday bookings please email us at horseboy@stjosephsfoundation.ie or call on 083-4776179