Psychology assessment, intervention and supports for young children

Children from North Cork in the 0-6 age range are referred via the North Cork Forum. Referrals from South Limerick are received directly by St. Joseph’s Foundation from sources such as maternity hospitals, GPs , Public Health Nurses and directly from individual children’s parents. Once a referral has been received you will be contacted by St. Josephs.

Assessment, intervention and supports

The purpose of the Developmental Assessment includes the following:

  • Establish if the child has an intellectual disability/developmental delay
  • Establish the extent of the child’s intellectual disability/delay
  • Provide a profile of the child’s strengths and needs which contribute to appropriate interventions/programmes based on knowledge of child development and the developmental profiles attached to specific syndromes
  • Contribute to differential diagnosis of various development disorders /delays e.g., autism, specific language impairment, attachment disorders, ADHD
  • Make recommendations for optimal early educational placements Intervention


The aim of intervention is to enhance the child’s development, promote skill acquisition, empower and advise on opportunities that improve quality of life.

Following the developmental assessment, a programme is drawn up for the parents to follow with their child.

As young children spend most of their lives in the care of their families, the need for children to be seen in naturalistic environments and the empowerment of parents to work effectively with their child is viewed as the cornerstone of a good early intervention service.

Interventions include:

  • Follow up sessions to support parents where necessary
  • Ongoing developmental monitoring of the child’s development
  • Working with families around issues such as stress and building positive relationships with their child
  • Behavioural advice/training to parents and preschool staff
  • Providing support around the transition to school which entails outlining the child’s resource requirements to attend the school of their choice.
  • Assessments for school resources