Community nurse for children with special needs

The Community Nurse on St. Josephs Foundation Early Intervention Team offers support, advice and practical help to families of children with special needs within the home from 0-6 years e.g. medical issues, implementation of home programmes, Lamh training, toilet training etc.  

Additional home nursing hours may be provided to children with complex medical/palliative care needs.  

A monthly paediatric clinic is run with a visiting community paediatrician.  

The Community Nurse liaises between community pre-schools and parents and supports families alongside the Multi-disciplinary Team in the transition from pre-school to mainstream national schools.  

The Community Nurse also attends 1st mainstream National School IEP with parents and relevant MDT members and consultancy service thereafter. Support/advice is also given around epilepsy and training is provided in Epilepsy awareness and administration of rescue medication for parents/families/staff