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Training & Education

St. Joseph’s Foundation is committed to further education and training for adult service users through key education/training programmes:

Training Employment Social Skills Programme (or T.E.S.S.)

Training Employment Social Skills Programme (or T.E.S.S.) has been designed as a foundation training programme to meet the needs of individuals with a learning disability.

The aim of the Foundation Programme is to provide participants with:

  • Personal and practical skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to promote independence and integration at home and within the community.
  • Personal and practical skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary for sheltered work, supported work, voluntary work, and / or progress to further training and employment.
  • Personal and practical skills which enhance quality of life in terms of health and social gain.

The T.E.S.S Programme is trainee centred, realistic, flexible and adapted to individual needs.

It is the right of every adult with a learning disability to “achieve their full potential through a range of training options and supports congruent to their needs and receive quality training consistent with commercial / industrial standards”. – Standard No. QA00/01.

In this regard St. Joseph’s Foundation has developed a Foundation Training Programme to equip participants with foundation level personal, social and work related skills that will enable them to progress to greater levels of independence, autonomy and integration.

This course is designed to provide the person with learning disabilities the opportunities to acquire:

  • Knowledge & Skills
  • Attitude & Experience
  • Induction / Course Determination
  • Self-Advocacy
  • Personal Development & Healthy Lifestyles
  • Home Management
  • Identification & Use of Community Facilities
  • Adult Literacy, Numeracy & Money Management
  • Health & Safety
  • Office Procedures
  • Computers
  • Sports & Fitness
  • Skills Sampling
  • Work Skills
  • C.V. Preparation / Interview Skills / Job Sourcing
  • Ongoing Assessment
  • Leading to FETAC/FAS Foundation Certification

In addition:

Programmes are structured to meet individual needs and trainees receive a Training Allowance whilst retaining secondary benefits.


Adult Education Programme

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