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Supported Employment Programme

The Supported Employment Programme is a service available to all service users who attend St Joseph’s Foundation.

The programme, which was set up in September 2006 is designed to assist trainees to choose what career path they would like to take through work experience placements with goals towards employment in different areas of the working world.

The aim of the programme is to provide the following supports:

  • Helping the person to identify his/her skills.
  • Assisting the person to complete an up to date C.V.
  • Helping the person to decide what kind of work they would like to do by sampling different job placements.
    Assisting the person in attending interviews by providing training in this area.
  • Analysing the tasks involved in the job and providing the supports needed, this also includes travel training, encouraging the use of public transport where possible. 
  • Providing ongoing on -the-job support when the person commences their work experience placement and thereafter if needed.
  • Providing support to the employer and other employees as needed.
  • Informing the employer of other supports available for an employee and employer.
  • Sourcing training programmes outside of St. Josephs Foundation that will lead to future employment.
  • Providing internal work placements to provide on the job training in preparation for future employment where possible.
  • Sourcing external work placements for our T.E.S.S. Trainees who will eventually be looking for long term part -time or full-time paid employment.

Service Users wishing to avail of the Supported Employment Programme at St. Joseph’s Foundation can access referral forms;

  • From a member of staff in their unit
  • From the main Reception at St Joseph’s Foundation
  • From their Social Worker
  • For those attending T.E.S.S., through their training programme.

The programme is currently run by a full time Job Coach. 

St. Joseph’s Foundation is a member of the Irish Association for Supported Employment ( I.A.S.E ) celebrating 10 years of membership this year.