How to Get Involved

How to Get Involved in Fundraising

We are delighted to welcome people who would like to get involved in any aspect of St. Joseph’s Foundation’s fundraising. YOU can decide on the level of involvement you would like.

The following is a brief outline of how you can help with some of our main events. 

How You Can Get Involved In The Spring Fair

  • Attending the meetings to organise the event (only two meetings held before and one after the event)  OR
  • Giving an hour or two on the day before the Spring Fair.  This is a busy day involvingSetting up of stalls, distributing goods to relevant stalls, putting up signs etc.  OR
  • Selling raffle cards in advance. OR
  • Selling raffle cards on the street in Charleville town. (two hourly rota) OR
  • Sourcing items for any of the stalls listed above OR
  • Helping with any of the stalls or activities on the day.

How You Can become Involved In The Greyhound Benefit Meeting

  • Attend the meetings to organise the event (approx. 6 meetings in advance of the event and one afterwards) OR
  • Ask you family or friends to sell raffle tickets in advance of the event (tickets €5 each) OR
  • Ask your family or friends to nominate a greyhound (nominations €25 each) each nominators name is allocated to a particular trap, if the greyhound from that trap wins, the nominator gets a prize OR
  • Ask local businesses in your area to place an advert in the race card (adverts €100 full page €50 half page)  800 race cards printed for the event so it’s a good advertising opportunity OR
  • Donate sponsorship towards the event or source people to donate sponsorship OR
  • Selling raffle tickets in advance OR
  • Selling raffle tickets on the street in Charleville town or at Charleville Agricultural Show (two hourly rota)

How You Can Become Involved In The Cycle Walk Run

  • Become part of the organising group OR
  • Help with publicising the event in your local area OR
  • Sourcing sponsorship/raffle prizes etc OR
  • Participating in the even on the day  OR
  • Encouraging your family & friends to participate OR
  • Volunteer to help with the event on the day – stewarding etc


  1. I would like to organise a fundraising event for St. Joseph’s – what do I have to do?

  2. Emotional Regulatiom

  3. Do I have to commit to a certain length of time?

  4. How often would my help be required?

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