Resources for Home Week 1


We have created and gathered some practical advice, fun activities and resources to help you and your child during these unprecedented times. We have focused on three main areas:

1. Information about Coronavirus (Covid 19)

2. Dealing with a child’s anxiety during these times

3. Fun activities and useful apps to promote development

Each child’s needs are different. Please, only choose the resources you think would help you and your child at this time or access the resources if required. We do hope the ‘Fun Activities’ are things all the family would enjoy at any time!  Please check out this website, our Facebook and Instagram page each week, for any further updates or useful links/ resources. Information is outlined below on how to use these resources. If you have any questions, queries or require more specific advice to help your child and family, please contact St Joseph’s Foundation Reception on 063 89252.

Information about Coronavirus (Covid 19)


My Story about Pandemics and the Coronavirus” by Carol Gray

“What is the Coronavirus” by Amanda Mc Guinness

“Coronavirus – Staying Safe” by Triple A Wicklow

How to use

The American Academy of Paediatrics encourages parents to filter information and talk about it in a way that a child can understand. If your child asks you about the Corona Virus, you could read him/ her a story with information about it. We hope one of stories will help your child understand more about the Corona Virus. Pick one of stories you think would best suit your child. It is best to choose a time of the day, when you and your child are most relaxed, to read this story.

Dealing with a Child’s Anxiety during these times


Anxiety Management

Anxiety Management Guidelines and Resources

How to use

The outbreak of COVID-19 is all over the papers, news, radio, television and social media. This can be overwhelming for parents and frightening to children. Watch for signs of anxiety in your child. A child may not express their worry, but you might see signs of it. We have put together some information and resources if your child is experiencing anxiety at this time.

Fun Activities & Useful Apps Targeting your Child’s Development


OT Activity Ideas

Apps for Language and Communication

How to use

These activities will help work on all areas of your child’s development in a fun way! We hope these activities are things you can easily do in the home or in the garden. We have also put together some Apps you could download to help promote specific areas of language and social communication.