Resources for Home Week 2

This week, we have created and gathered more practical advice, fun activities and resources. We have focused on:

1. Autism Awareness Day—April 2nd 2020

2. Talking to children about illness and getting tested for Coronavirus (Covid 19)

3. Stress Management for Parents

4. Fun Activities to do at home to support development

Each person’s needs are individual. Please only choose the resources which would be most helpful and supportive for you and your child at this time. Please check out this website, our Facebook and Instagram page each week, for any further updates or useful links/ resources. Information is outlined below on how to use these resources. If you have any questions, queries or require more specific advice to help your child and family, please contact St Joseph’s Foundation Reception on 063 89252.

For all resources, view the download documents links. Each resource is titled as described on this webpage. 

Autism Awareness Day

Thursday 2nd April 2020 is ‘Autism Awareness Day’. We have created and gathered some useful resources and advice to help families and people with Autism.

People with Autism may feel anxious about changes or unexpected events. They may also experience some sensory sensitivity. This means that they may be under or over sensitive to sounds, smells, taste and touch. They may also experience difficulty communicating and interacting and experience high levels of anxiety in certain social situations.

Some strategies and supports which are helpful for people with Autism include: use of visuals; social stories and use of routine.

This week, we have created and gathered lots of useful resources to help support families and people with Autism experiencing difficulties in the areas highlighted above. These include:

1. Social Story Guide

2. Visual Schedules/Strategies

3. Sensory Activities/Breaks

Please click on each resource to help give you guidance on how to use the resources provided.

Explaining to your child about illness & getting tested for Coronavirus (COVID 19)

We really hope you and your family are keeping safe and well during these unprecedented times. Unfortunately, some people are getting sick. If you or some member of your child’s family has contracted the Virus, it might be a good idea to involve your child in the situation and let them know what is happening. This can be supportive to them and can help them and all the family cope better. We have put together practical advice and social stories to give simple useful information and reassurance if your child or a member of the family has to get tested for the Coronavirus. Each story can be adapted to explain to your child if a member of the family is getting tested.



1. Test for Coronavirus (Easy-Read Story)—Composed by the Brothers of Charity Speech and Language Therapy Department

2. When Someone in my house gets sick (Easy Read Story)— Composed by the Brothers of Charity Speech and Language Therapy Department

3. My Special Coronavirus Test Story—Created by the Psychology Department, Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin

4. Staying at Home and Staying Safe (Social Story)—Created by the Psychology Department, Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin

5. "Lockdown” Visual Guide — Created by AsIAm (www.asiam.ie)

Stress Management—Parents

During this unprecedented time, it is important to support stress management for yourself as well as for your children. The Psychology Department have put together some tips and advice on managing stress during this time: 


Coping with Stress-Parents’ Guide

Fun Activities to do at Home to Support Development

We have put together some more fun activities you can do at home to help create opportunities for communication and learning all throughout the day. All of the activities can be done in the home and will be enjoyable for all of the family!